Exceptional Green Glades Estate

We have been building the Green Glades Estate in Karola Bunscha Street in Krakow for nine years. We are doing it diligently and professionally.

We are almost half way through. We have already built Building Complex B (building no. 20), Building Complex A (building no. 24),  Building Complex D (building no. 26), Building Complex E (buildings no. 27, 29, 31, 33 and 35) and in a few months we will complete Building Complex F (buildings no. 8, 10, 12 and 14). We are working on the next stages. But it is too early to talk about them. The constructed buildings and apartments in them provide comfort, peace and security for over 700 people. Our community keeps growing from week to week. 

It can be said that we guarantee good neighbouring relationships. 

We are building with imagination and care for the residents in mind.

The Green Glades Estate will consist of 10 residential buildings with underground garages and parking places on the ground, with technical and recreational infrastructure, gardens and places for rest. We are still planning to build over 550 apartments. 

All the apartments have been designed and completed with the greatest of care and functional optimalisation, they are of high quality and low rents.

There have never been so many apartments of such high quality in Krakow.

Come and see for yourself

Dariusz Orzeł


Sales office

Zielona Polana Service Office

Osiedle Zielona Polana
ul. Karola Bunscha 22
30-392 Kraków

+48 12 376 8210
Investor - Headquarter
Spółka Akcyjna sp.k.

ul. Emilii Plater 18
00-688 Warszawa

NIP 7010047225
REGON 140791059
KRS 0000268836


+48 22 392 33 03

Project Manager
Dariusz Orzeł
PUPH - Agencja Zarządzania

ul. K. Bunscha 20/87
30-392 Kraków
+48 601 579 479
Construction Office
Biuro Budowy Zielona Polana

ul. Karola Bunscha 22A
30-392 Kraków


+48 12 376 82 10/11
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